Developing web applications across the industry

Our IT agency provides powerful tailor-made web applications.

Your trusted web developing partner

At the beginning of each web application developing process, we take the time to go deep in the understanding the nature of your business, determine the priority of the needs, and set the timeline for the project development. When all of this is done, our web developers create an awesome web app.

We are advanced at:

  • Professional programming methods
  • Crystallisation of requirements and prioritisation
  • Implementation of the logic of the application functionality
  • Architecture of design, navigation and identification of main functions
  • Attractive design creation and programming
  • Future maintenance and technical support

Structure and programming language

  • Python
  • Django's
  • Grails
  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL

The stage of the Web application creation process

UI and UX Project

  • In the the user interface and the user experience developing stage, we create an interactive visualisation of the future application
  • can create design ideas based on the established business identity of the brand or create unique brands for organisation
  • Our IT specialists develop architecture that incorporates navigation elements and Internet pages
  • Then we create a design concept that takes into account the niche audience that you are interested in
  • Apply responsive web developing techniques to ensure web applications look perfect in a variety of display sizes and resolutions

Front-end developing

  • When developing and programming the application, we strive to write clear, accurate code that conforms to the best coding standards in the world
  • Use HTML5 and CSS3 technology to encode each page
  • Ensures the responsiveness of web solutions to be equally efficient and easy to use on smartphones, tablets and desktops and optimise the upload speed
  • Evaluate the code to ensure its high quality, stable performance and long-term business value
  • Take advantage of the most popular and efficient web app development frameworks such as JavaScript, Node, Angular, Reacting, etc.

Backend Developing

  • This is one of our favourite arena because we like the backend program a lot. We use the latest technology and the most powerful tools to ensure flexible and scalable backend solutions
  • We have extensive experience in using some of the most popular SQL development tools and servers (including MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • We provide an easy-to-use, resource-rich content management system for our site so you can update the site content and change its structure when you need it
  • We integrate various plugins and widgets for search engine optimization (SEO), media asset management, multi-language support, social networking and RSS feeds and other valuable opportunities
  • Ensure high security for software, hardware, servers and other levels
  • Integration with third-party services and platforms such as email marketing, social networking, and other important events
  • Website implementation, hosting and ongoing maintenance

Continuous support and performance monitoring

Your web-based application or web site will continue to monitor through special automated services to eliminate any risks and report suspicious behavior. The main advantage of our tracking capabilities is that you will not lose any income due to a cut transaction, and there are many other incredible features:

  • For the rest of the world's customers develop automated network monitoring services
  • Quickly detect transactions with failures and other errors and quickly resolve issues
  • Immediate notification of a problem being detected
  • Real-time performance tracking and timely reminders

Maintenance and optimisation of web apps

  • We will be fully responsible for the success of the website or web based application
  • If you do not have enough time or staff to focus on online platform, or enthusiastic and knowledgeable support staff will be happy to serve
  • We will monitor web application and site performance, collect user feedback to solve issues and update content, create great photos, articles, blog posts, and other interesting content

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Attract the audience. Connect to the consumer and make your brand appear on the web. Through the high ranking of Google SERP results (search engine result pages), develop strong online presence and attract organic traffic to high-quality leads that can easily be converted into funds.

  • In-depth search engine optimisation site content and code level
  • Develop campaigns on features like Google, Facebook, YouTube and more
  • PPC (pay-per-click), in-app monetization, and rigorous analysis
  • Analysis of user behavior based on results, competitive market research and network application optimisation

Finance and Banking

With our first-class software developing solutions for the banking and financial industries, business can grow rapidly in unmatched success and beyond its competitors. Check out our digital banking solutions. Smartphones revolutionised the way we interact with technology and change the word.

The banking industry is a vivid illustration of these changes - online service, access to the digital fingerprint scanner for credit cards, and NFC (near field communication) connections to payment terminals. Small local and large international banks offer advanced services to our customers through advanced technology, creating high-end solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) factor encryption for customer support, remote payment, local mobile applications, Internet for Things and Systems safety features.

Innovative banking solutions

  • Web-based banking and financial applications for all platforms and devices
  • Sophisticated software system integrates advanced data and features into a single system with effective tools to increase productivity
  • Secure, scalable front and back end to ensure customer's credit card information does not fall into the wrong hands and is properly secured
  • Develop first-class customer relationship management solutions with real-time chat and real-time support to improve system performance and functionality

Digital finance

At our web company, we have been developing software that can calculate most of your savings in pensions and determine return on investment when you buy expensive properties. Deliver these technology-driven apps to bank customers, you can strengthen market position, maintain consumers, build trust, and build loyalty. When creating an app for a bank, we use the omnidirectional channel.

Customer participation

We are committed to developing a compelling user experience, including the Internet, including internet banking, web-based payment applications and native mobile solutions for iOS and Android. In other words, we have improved the way customers interact with banks every day by providing them new tools to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

We will help design fast, flexible, and safe operating procedures to ensure minimal risk and increased sales. The company develops a variety of channels for customers to interact with banking or financial services, and you'll see higher levels of service, greater efficiency and better conversion rates.

What our high-tech banking applications can do

  • Provide friendly, visually pleasing applications for banking and connect to real-time banking support
  • Powerful information security with multi-factor licensing and advanced encryption to protect customer data against malware, viruses, cybercriminals and other online threats
  • Tablet PC, cell phone, laptop and desktop computer intuitive interface and memorable user experience
  • The rich feature integrated into a unified interface, even for those who do not have IT experience is also very simple

Our clients

Experienced team

  • Our project management team is comprised of the most ambitious and multidisciplinary specialists with excellent communication skills, management skills and problem-solving skills
  • With a flexible approach, continuous cooperation between teams and communication with the customer
  • Quality control and guarantee of the entire product life cycle
  • Communicate effectively through advanced project management software and in any other way you are accustomed to including via Skype, phone, email, and Messenger
  • Let's train employees to use new CMS site and make the most of the functionality of the web app

Benefits of working with us

We can provide project estimates, calculate all risks and write comprehensive specifications of software requirements for future web app development projects. Our coders, designers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists and other qualified specialists are proud to our ongoing process so we can offer products within budget and deadlines in the initial phase of our collaboration. We can develop web applications, customise corporate software systems, local mobile software for iOS, Android or any other platform and any other technical solution your business might need.

Contact us!

Contact us by email or phone to our UK headquarters. Let's talk about your project. Our software developing specialists can implement the latest visualisation trends and the modern technology in your web app, even if you are not the professional in IT, we can speak your language and create the app, that fits all your needs.