Mobile App Development: Your Task, Our Solution

We are a company specialised in the mobile app development that offers advanced mobile solutions to solve the most complex business tasks of the client.

Advantages of the Mobile

We are building a business for innovative start-ups, business growth, providing the highest level of mobile solutions, preserving proactively. We use our experience, our superior infrastructure and our team of more than 150 experts to create digital products that are essentially destructive and are the first category in the world market.

UX Brightness

The customized user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) with robust functional logic will improve the user experience and, consequently, conversions will increase. All components of the mobile app development process are associated with user experience and online download statistics, which provides superior visibility and ease of use for superior products.

Mobile Software Development

Let's make your mobile business with customized solutions.

Our team creates native mobile apps and cross-platform first class for several operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

  • IPhone app: connect users and businesses around the world with advanced Apple device solutions. Our iOS developers have a remarkable experience in creating custom apps for all industries / industries.
  • Android app: we represent the company and we incorporate the best Android developers under one roof. It is not impossible to make the project vibrate with an intuitive user interface and the attractive apps of Android and personalized game functions for smartphones and tablets.
  • Games for mobile devices: build the game of your dreams with our app development company and start using the advantages of the online market. You can choose any genre, including adventure, action, arcade, board, race, music, puzzles, strategy, role-playing. There is no limit to the ability.

iPhone App Development

We accompany clients throughout the life cycle of the project, from concept, structure, design to launch and promotion. We constantly seek excellence and integrity in all the iOS apps we create. Our experience covers a wide range of functions including web services, social network integration, GPS, maps, push messages, augmented reality, advertising provision, database synchronization. We combine in-app purchases, essential for the commercial acceptance of each iPhone application.

Development of Android Apps

The Android OS is strengthening almost 75% of the global mobile market. Having a large user base of Android operating systems is worth considering this area of ​​development as part of the core strategy for key companies, companies and startups. Android is the fastest growing mobile platform, and we discovered that the demand for high quality programs of this operating system is gradually increasing. Our main objective is to combine completely passionate capabilities and create business apps and next generation solutions. To create the perfect application, we use special SDK, multimedia API, Wi-Fi API, location information service API, OpenGL, security architecture, 3D graphics.

Android is an operating system and a software program platform at the same time. Our developers have experience in creating apps for mobile devices, design and testing with related simulators. When connecting to the device through the SDK, we offer a program to access sensors such as the accelerometer, the camera, the scanner, the magnetometer, the optical sensor and the data exchange via Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication). . Our experience is completely explained by the products already developed.

Development of Multiplatform Apps

B2C apps are increasing the demand for multiplatform app development to extend and configure mobile apps in various mobile systems. We specialize in the development of cross-platform mobile apps based on companies and businesses, using frames such as PhoneGap and Titanium.

Xamarin is actually called one of the best multiplatform app programming tools that the platform built. Along with the launch of Xamarin 2, it appeared as one of the main solutions. It also emphasizes business ratings with the latest partnership announcement with IBM, Xoriant, Microsoft.

The development of multi-platform software brings first-rate price savings gains by developing a program that runs on different platforms. This includes a single source development technique that is configured in several systems with minimal changes. PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, a variety of multiplatform frameworks have been used to create efficient applications.

Appcelerator Titanium is one of the best multiplatform mobile production equipment. In fact, you can develop native apps that have full access to the API of each device. apps created with Titanium are compatible with social, rich, interactive, local and extensible multimedia user interfaces, such as scroll view, table view, native buttons, tabs and switches.

Sencha offers a variety of equipment to develop cross-platform apps such as Sencha Animator and Sencha Architect. The main case for business users is Ext JS 5, developers can create HTML 5 apps and update native apps with PhoneGap.

Since Adobe's PhoneGap is an open source framework for building cross-platform functional solutions, it is widely recognized as a game changer in this field.

Our clients

Development of Games for Mobile Devices

Mobile games are one of the fastest growing areas in the software industry in the last decade. The simplest and simplest monochrome phone game is a complete multiplayer game. The growth of the mobile platform has taken the mobile game to any other orbit.

Our team with experience in the production of games of various genres, such as sports, strategy, action, fantasy, etc. always aims for a unique technology. Our developers use Jquery, HTML 5, PHP, Flash ActionScript 3.0, ROR, OpenGL, MySQL, Unity 3D to convert static ideas from all others into featured productive social games.

For us to be a wonderful game production company for mobile devices:

  • We provide powerful back-end functions and management analysis for apps
  • We are using isometric techniques completely.
  • We have an infinite opportunity of 2D / 3D mobile games
  • We are a non-disclosure contract


The tests of mobile apps play an important role and guarantee the pleasure of the utility for the clients. It requires tests of characteristics, usability and consistency. The testing process is manual and automatic.

Certification verifiers have extensive experience in quality control testing, especially for business software, product apps and games.

  • Basic test of function, compatibility, ease of use, stress test of each operating system.
  • Automated testing procedures provided by the framework that supports all the most common mobile platforms. The tools used are QC and HP QTP.
  • Performance tests such as server verification of the mobile portal server, voltage test, battery, memory, CPU verification, etc.

And the list of the most common simulators for the various mobile operating systems that you can use to test your app is the following:

  • Android SDK emulator: this is a genuine emulator that shows all the hardware and software functions (except the phone) of the device that runs Android.
  • Google Android Emulator: You can configure this emulator as a secure computing device app without downloading the entire SDK. This can take a lot of time and memories of space. This emulator is used for Android applications.
  • Mobione is a smart phone web integration environment for Windows that allows you to repair, verify, implement and install web apps on devices that run multiple platforms.
  • Iphoney - web navigation simulator with Safari. It is very convenient if you need to develop a website and test the look and feel on the iPhone. It is not an iPhone simulator, but it is an efficient tool for those who wish to consult the mobile website. It is compatible with the current generation of iOS.
  • TestiPhone: this is another web browser simulator for the iPhone web program. This tool works with IE, Firefox and Safari browsers.
  • Automation of the Windows user interface: Windows Automation API 3. Zero is required if you need to test your program using the Automation technology of the Microsoft user interface. It will be configured in variants of Windows 7 and later. You can also download from the official Microsoft website.

Reliable IT Partner

  • Our team can collaborate easily. Release the app and, ultimately, provide a step-by-step service to have a remarkable impact on the world. If we decide to look for the latest technology and do special things, we are reliable partners.
  • The dynamic idea of ​​the software is very diverse and it may not be an easy task to organize needs and ideas in a single project. Do not worry: we are here to help you achieve your success and follow the path.
  • Thanks to our customer-oriented approach, we are recognized by leading IT companies. We are always ready to guide you through the life cycle of the project until we are constantly delivering all the details of the workflow and are satisfied with the final product.
  • We belong to the digital world where our generation continues to evolve and by working with one of the best software developers, you will help to stay ahead of the curve. Over the years, we have been marked by the numerous benefits of the organization and the level of high quality service that we provide to our clients.

Hire Specialized Developers

If you hire a professional mobile app development team for a new product or mobile solution concept, there is no better value-for-money option than to invite the experienced , dedicated team for a short period to get the results shortly and begin to launch it on the market.

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