Featured Cases


Assets Flow

Our customer approached the team to develop a web portal for clients so that they had access to their assets and could monitor their management processes. We built a secure system that provides constant access to the real-time data about clients’ cash flows and assets operation and regularly sends financial statistics and analytics. Customer’s employees also benefit from this system managing dynamic data and performing complex financial calculations in an efficient and intuitive manner.


Brand Distributer

The project was dedicated to the code refactoring of one of the largest fashion directory website. We developed a tool for business and marketing purposes that ensure a better connection between brands and stores. The system operates a great volume of data including the information more than 7500 registered stores and over three thousands of brands. Our team improved user experience enabling users easily and quickly create personal shopping guide with favourite stores and deals. The integration of social media functionality lets share the information with the friends.


Emergency Fleet

Working with Austrian Emergency Service organisation, our team as built a robust IT solution for better management of the helicopter fleet. The main emphasis was put on tracking functionality which was implemented with the help of Google Maps API and enhanced with real-time visualisation and geo-monitoring features. Software also includes weather data display and messaging service. Additional functionality includes organisational features such as mission assignment and status tracking. The program significantly helps to manage aircraft fleet.



Our task was to provide a reliable mobile application that solves the problem of real-time patient care. The task was to create a solution that can verify patient protocols and prepare paramedics for pre-hospital patient care with real-time information. Our team focused on the understanding of the standard operating procedures and processes. Designing a user interface we ensured that app provides streamlined and convenient user experience with easy-to-read patient protocols in PDF.



Our customer approached us to create a comprehensive software solution which will be able to replace numerous separate tools ensuring faster work and better productivity for the in-field engineers. The program should have also been able to provide an easily-integrated way to hand the real-time data from engineers to the office. Our team carefully studied engineers needs and implemented required functionality including Google Maps API and GPS features. Besides, we ensured that all the information recorded in the field is automatically sent to the back-office system.



Our customer was a startup entrepreneur interested in the development of an efficient marketing tool that will enable businesses to realise the power of social marketing on social networks using complex algorithms. We were asked to build a set of tools that will help advertising managers to operate and convey the information about their campaigns to the clients. Our developers made a web system with integrated customer’s API and rich visualisation capabilities which display the data analysis helping to modify and optimise the campaigns ensuring better promotion and results.