Web Application Development: Websites and Complex Enterprise Systems

We specialize in creating large portal-type solutions with complex business logic and developing web-apps. The latter are able to work as a standalone program or are designed to be integrated into the existing work system as an additional module. Both portals and web applications are designed to work with a large audience and load.

Development of Web Portals and Complex Sites

The portal provides the user with various interactive services that operate within a single project. Web development does not involve the use of a ready-made boxed solution, the creation of a portal often requires the development of its own systems for the implementation of individual requirements.

The development of the information portal has the following characteristics:

  • A large amount of information with convenient classification and search mechanisms
  • Modular architecture
  • One-time authorization of users on different services
  • Multi-level access to sections and services
  • Availability of communication services
  • The ability to correct information by users
  • Constant improvement and development

Web-development involves the creation of portals. What types of portals do we work with?

  • Horizontal. Such portals cover many different topics and their target audience are all users who use this product (Google, Yandex, TUT.by, Mail.ru, etc.);
  • Vertical. Portals of a sectoral or specialized nature (Ecotour-6, Golf); information portals. These include portals that cover a large amount of information and allow users to organize forums, actively participate in the discussion (Arguments and Facts);
  • В2В-portals. Electronic trading platforms with sophisticated functionality that are designed to conduct business on the Internet (M-Techno, Rikdom).

Web App Development

Web app development is a powerful tool that allows you to implement business ideas and create successful software products. It is web applications that help automate the process of working with large information flows (client base, product catalog, branch network, documents). Developing a cross-platform app allows the project to correctly display and function on different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems.

Advantages of web applications in comparison with conventional programs:

  • Ease of use. Providing instant access to the app, it is enough to have only a connection to the Internet and a working browser;
  • Multi-user system. At the same time, several users can work in the web app;
  • Low installation and maintenance costs. The web app is installed only on the server. You no longer need to install and configure it separately on each computer, as further configuration is performed through a remote server;
  • Centralized storage and protection of information. All data is in one place, where changes are instantly saved and backups are created;
  • The possibility of updating information by users;
  • Constant improvement and development.

A rich arsenal of technologies, the choice of a model of cooperation depending on the specifics of the project and the wishes of the customer, the creation of complex sites of any subject, flexibility and transparency in project management allows you to get a quality and effective project as a result of the development.

Mobile application or website? Do progressive web applications solve the dilemma?

Mobile application or mobile site? Although this conflict has been going on for years, there are only solutions that hide the limits of these concepts, and many of the benefits of native mobile applications are carried to mobile browsers.

Despite the fact that mobile applications such as mobile sites work on smartphones and tablets, they are different from each other. A progressive web application is a Google open source initiative that uses the latest features to offer users a better experience than native apps and mobile sites. Since this is a relatively new framework, it still does not support some features, cameras, GPS, fingerprint scanners, which are not compatible with all browsers but which make native applications attractive to consumers. If it is more widely recognized, this will certainly change.

To date, the advent of progressive websites represents a similar advance in the mobile web, as well as the appearance of responsive web design five years ago. This is a new technology that inevitably evolves and changes because developers are constantly improving the versions and the brands are increasingly dependent on the use of PWA as part of their mobile strategy.

What we know about Progressive Web Apps

This approach to development has some advantages for users, one of which is to accelerate navigation. They can be detected instantly in the browser without having to download the application and can work anywhere, including areas with low Internet signal strength. They can "save" at least on the main screen of the Android device to make it easier to access. Also, you do not have to open the browser and enter the web address, and you can quickly access it again.

The well-designed program work is 4 times faster than other mobile sites and you can buy products with several clicks, which will speed up the purchase process.

There are other advantages for sellers. This solution is expected to have a significant impact on the conversion rate of portable devices, in addition to reducing the high investment cost associated with the development of its own applications.

  • PWA looks like a native application, but ultimately it is fast, provides the same experience as a native application and allows the site to be used autonomously.
  • Since PWA also supports browser push notifications, marketers can send contexts and personalized messages in real time with a single click directly from the PWA.
  • As PWA is essentially a website, it is easy to update and users do not need to download and install updated versions of the applications. At the same time, they can be found easily with the search engines. This means that the potential potential of the viewers is millions of customers.

Problems and Challenges

However, with the benefits, PWA has some drawbacks and can somehow be a decisive factor in decision making.

The important problem is that not all browsers currently support PWA at this time. The latest versions of Chrome, Opera and Android support many custom browsers such as PWA, IE, Edge, Safari. Currently, PWA is not compatible with all hardware components supported by conventional native applications, such as camera, GPS and fingerprint scanner for mobile phones.

Another problem is that traditionally the application store is the central storage of the application and helps the user to find what they need and maintain a certain level of legitimacy. However, PWA does not need such stores, so marketers may face some difficulties in promoting PWA and legitimacy.

Finally, many third-party applications that need to log in to the system, such as Facebook and Google, will still request logins and passwords because PWA can not collect this data individually.

The Future of PWA

The popularity and functionality of PWA simply increases momentum, will be popularized technologically and will improve in the coming years. According to experts, companies such as Pinterest, Tinder, Uber, Starbucks, etc. they have already launched PWA with outstanding achievements, so PWA is expected to grow significantly. The number of functions supported by PWA also increases year after year. For marketers, PWA is fully integrated with Google and Adobe's standard analytical tools, so it has the advantage of being able to easily collect analytical data.

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